Who are Enigma Customs?

With the ever-growing trend of Digital Distribution, more and more games are now avoiding the physical release route. While this is certainly convenient, it takes away part of the joy of owning a game, displaying that title proudly on your shelf.

After purchasing a copy of Okami HD for the Nintendo Switch from Japan. Game Reviewer and founder of UnboxedTV, Nick “Enigma” Gipson, wanted it to match the rest of his collection and got to work making his own cover for it. After designing covers for several other titles he had purchased and/or downloaded including Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 4, Enigma discovered that he really enjoyed giving all these games an identity on his shelf.

As of now, Enigma has developed over 200 covers for the Switch alone and has branched out to many other platforms including PS4 and Xbox, and even Retro systems like the Saturn and Playstation.

I live in Europe/Australia, Can the covers be made with that Region in mind

YES! You will see a drop down on my covers that will allow you to select either USA or PAL. PAL users can select from either the PEGI or Australian rating system.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Naturally, we strive to get your order printed and prepared as quickly as possible. Shipping can take anywhere from a week to 30 days determined by where you live. Also other facts may impede delivery, like a global pandemic for one, but also in regards to custom orders, we may have to resource specific cases which may take some time. Certain orders like Game Boy and Sega Saturn cases require us to import cases from other parts of the world so it may take a few weeks.

Can you make a cover for [Game]?

Absolutely, just drop me a line here and I will look into what I can create, keep in mind that I can only work with what the Game has made available though.

Do the Covers come in Cases?

Yes! All cases will come in suitable cases

What are Custom Spines?

Custom Spines give your covers a unique spin, instead of the standard Switch Red Spine with standard text, you will instead receive one with the games logo