We’ve all been there, a broken case, a torn or damaged cover, maybe you bought something second hand and it only came with the disc, or worse one of those generic covers you see at GameStop/EB Games. This is where we come in with our Repair Service, where we can replace your damaged covers and cases.

One of these covers is a reproduction print, can you spot it?



Reproduction Prints: $5 each


$5 + 50c per page


Generic DVD CaseFree
Playstation 2 (Black)$7.00
Playstation 3$4.00
Playstation 4$2.50
Playstation Portable$2.50
Playstation Vita$3.00
Xbox 360$2.50
Xbox One$3.00
Wii U$2.50
Universal Game Cases$10.00
Longboxes (Sega CD, Saturn, PS1)$10.00

*all prices are estimate


So are these just reproduction prints of official covers?

Yes they are, we strive to make these as accurate to the real thing as possible

So wait, couldn’t I just do these at home on my printer?

You could, but what we offer here is near impossible to achieve on a standard desktop inkjet/laser printer. Inkjet’s can only accept photo paper that is way thicker than official covers and it also fails to achieve the right colour scheme. All our covers are printed using a professional laser printer on gloss paper with a similar stock to the original covers

Why are some cases so expensive?

In regards to certain cases like the Universal Game Case or Longboxes it all depends on where we can source them, at the current time UGC’s have ended production from its main supplier, which meant that other ones have popped up with a higher markup. Longboxes on the other hand are only being made by one group at the current time, so the place reflects that as well.

What if we are looking for something obscure?

Certain game systems like 3DO or Jaguar used boxed or very specific packaging which really can’t be easily replicated these days. In cases like this we would recommend using standard DVD cases or in regards to cartridge systems like the Jaguar, Universal Game Cases