The Game Boy franchise of systems is one of the longest-lasting and has one of the most robust numbers of games with over 3500 titles spanning the three platforms, the original Game Boy, Color, and of course Advance. Launching originally in 1989, the portability and long battery life made the monochromatic brick the stand-out handheld beating out the more powerful Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx. Throughout the years, Game Boy and thus Nintendo was untouchable in the handheld market, Neo Geo Pocket, Wonderswan, Playstation Portable, all of them had no chance.

With over 200 Million Hardware units sold throughout its lifetime, odds are you own a Game Boy and several of its titles, as there really was something for everyone. But alas, for the longest time Nintendo saw fit to house their Game Boy cartridges in flimsy cardboard boxes which usually ended up getting thrown away leaving you with loose cartridges everywhere. Thankfully, modern platforms like the 3DS house their carts in neat little cases, if only there was a way to do that with all your old Pokemon games…

Introducing Enigma Custom’s brand new range of Game Boy Full Art cases, much like our N64 range, these are inspired by the gorgeous box art of Japanese covers. We are currently utilizing the European DS Case to make this possible, while thicker than its Black US Counterpart these cases were much more sturdier and also allow more detail on the spine. But most importantly, while both have a slot to use for GBA cases, with just a quick removal of two tabs on the EU case, all Game Boy and Color can easily be housed in it (I’ll be upside down for best performance)

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We are currently working on building our range of covers for all the major titles on the system from Pokemon to Metroid, Fire Emblem to Castlevania, in fact, take a look at some of the titles we have made so far.

We are currently getting the Game Boy section set up on the site, but if you are interested and want these cases to be displayed proudly on your shelf now, drop us a line and let’s Represent your Game Boy Collection!